Ikea Antilop High chair placemat
    • Ikea Antilop High chair placemat

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    Placemat for Ikea Antilop High chair

    100% Food-grade,

    FDA compliant silicone

    No lead, phthalates, BPAs


    Dishwasher safe (top rack)

    Wipe clean


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    Color Placemat

    Want to dress up your baby chair/toddler chair with an anti-slip mat? Silicon placemats and silicone toddler plates are the new trends for the baby food tray. 

    100% Food-grade, FDA compliant silicone – no lead, phthalates, BPAs

    Non Slip

    Dishwasher safe (top rack)

    Wipe clean, Removable

    Quickly transform your infant's high chair! Just slip our silicone baby placemats on your IKEA Antilop high chair tray table for added style. Your infant chair will instantly have a mini make-over with this baby splash mat on your white tray! Our kid's placemat is a great new baby gift to cover the IKEA chair food tray. The purpose of our baby placemat or toddler placemat is to help make cleanup a breeze after mealtime.

    You can use our kid's placemats just like other baby feeding supplies and toddler feeding supplies such as toddler suction plates or silicone baby plates. No need for baby plates with suction, however our baby mat and toddler placemats for the dining table or baby highchair are compatible with baby suction bowls and plates. This highchair mat is a perfect finger food mat for baby lead weaning. Our portable splat mat is the ideal foldable mat for feeding your kid while traveling. Rolls up easily for on-the-go dining and works as a table protector silicone plate for toddler food. 

    This Ikea high chair placemat is a fun placemat for kids and a great baby product gift for new parents who are feeding littles. Our product is produced exactly to spec and shipped from our factory in China. Not only can our IKEA high chair cover be used as baby placemats for children, but you can use your little munchkin placemat like a play-doh placemat. Our baby accessories such as toddler plates and bowls, silicone kids plates, baby bowls with suction, kids suction plates, baby plates for infants, infant bowls, silicone eating mat pairs well with silicone baby dishes for toddlers, suction plates for toddlers, or any baby silicone plate. 9 COLORFUL PLACEMATS