Antilop Highchair Foil Leg Wraps
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    Antilop Highchair Leg Wraps Assortment, Vinyl, Decal, Sticker Compatible with our Antilop Highchair Footrest

    Antilop Highchair Leg Wraps compatible with our personalized wooden footrest.

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    Leg wraps type

    Antilop Highchair Leg Wraps compatible with our personalized wooden footrest.

    Includes 4 highchair leg wraps. Easy to install.

    Purchasing this set you agree that you understand this product is only Leg Stickers and does not include a HighChair or Footrest!

    Be aware that every piece of wood Is different and your footrest might not exactly match the color/shades of the stickers. Also color might be different due to differences in monitor settings.

    Orders received with "Note to seller", or orders that need input from the customer processing may be delayed until a response is received from the buyer.

    Also fits Kmart Prandium, Target Snacka, Mother's choice Breeze, Aldi Mamia, and Big W Uno.

    We are not related to IKEA or use any IKEA trademarks. This product is made in our family workshop.

    This accessory is NOT provided when you buy IKEA Antilop HighChair

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