IKEA High chair Foot rest
    • IKEA High chair Foot rest
    • high chair foot rest Suport pentru picioare antilop
    • high chair foot rest Suport pentru picioare antilop
    • antilop footrest
    • footrest for ikea high chair
    • footrest ikea high chair

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    Antilop Highchair Footrest - Adjustable Ikea High Chair Foot rest compatible with IKEA Antilop High chair

    Customizable footrest for IKEA Highchair. Your baby can enjoy comfy eating with leg support.

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    Ikea high chair foot rest only! Includes set of 4 rubber o-rings. Our customizable ikea high chair foot rest is compatible with IKEA Antilop Highchair. Your baby can enjoy comfy seating with leg support.

    Staining done by hand is offered in Pink/Light Blue/Grass Green/Black: using paint for toys. 

    Oil is food-safe, anti-allergenic, and antiseptic(repels germs).

    Also perfectly fits Kmart Prandium, Target Snacka, Mother's choice Breeze, Aldi Mamia, and Big W Uno.

    Benefits for Babies/Toddlers.

    Focus on comfort to improve concentration.

    When a baby or child is sat in a highchair with no foot support, they tend to end up wriggling around and show little interest in the food that has been put in front of them. The reason for this is because their lower bodies are lacking support so they result in fidgeting as a way to find a comfortable seated position. Sitting in a chair without support can also be very tiring for your little one, which can result in them having less energy to spend on eating or look to get out of the highchair altogether. 

    By creating a feeding environment that is as comfortable as possible for your child, they will be able to focus their attention on eating all of their food and even be more likely to try and enjoy new, unfamiliar foods!

    Remember: a baby isn’t able to verbally communicate that they are uncomfortable, so it is important to look out for these signs to determine whether they are struggling in the highchair. 

    Sanded smooth and ready to use.

    As every piece of wood is unique expect different characters, knots, and shades in the actual product.

    Ease of installation:

    Put 2 of the O-rings below the footrest on each leg. O-rings are undersized, because of this it is easier to unclip the legs from the seat to install them.

    Untreated wood is safe for you and your baby, but keep in mind that it's easy to dent or get dirty. Our oil somewhat protects it from stains and fully repels germs, but wood is still exposed to denting. Handle with care.

    Caution: Having a footrest makes it easier for your child to push up and out of the highchair.

    You should keep in mind that your child's safety is your responsibility, not ours.

    If you do not use all the o-rings be sure not to give them to your children they are not toys and can choke them.

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